Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Reluctant Handyman

I have many friends who talk about how they wish they had husbands that were “handy”. I have one of those, and it’s not always as advantageous as you might think. When we begin a project, my husband is a real go-getter, but as the project moves forward, sometimes he doesn’t. Case in point – 2½ years ago our home was hit by a mini-tornado. Our backyard shed was totaled according to the insurance company, so we received the funds to tear it down and have it rebuilt. And here we are today, as is the shed – at least what the wind hasn’t taken down – and we don’t seem any closer to having a shed with a roof and sides than we did the day after the tornado.

In the spring of 2006 he decided to enclose our front entryway, which sits on the north side of the house. That way, when the Oklahoma north wind blows in the winter, we can have some protection from it and as a result, save some energy. It is now the fall of 2007, and the only protection we have is our front door. Thankfully he didn’t decide to remove it when he started this project.

In August of this year Oklahoma had a hurricane. Yes, I know we’re “landlocked”, but the hurricane didn’t. As a result, many homes, our’s included, were flooded. Because my husband is “Mr. Fix-It”, we did all the repairs ourselves. This included replacing all the carpet in our living room, hallway, entryway and bedroom with tile. We did complete that task, but the water damaged wall and ceiling and the wind-damaged chimney and patio cover are still waiting.

The truth is, we have several projects, small and large, that need attention, and I can only hope they get some before we’re too old to handle them. My husband is one of the nicest, sweetest people you could ever hope to meet, and he would do absolutely anything for me. This makes me wonder if it’s just a gene that males have that we females don’t – something that keeps them from being able to complete the task at hand. Does anyone else have the same type of wonderful man?

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