Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trouble by the foot

Or should I say trouble of the foot?

One of the worst aspects of aging, I've discovered in recent years is that years of trekking around in high heels has taken its toll. One of my feet is a real pain...literally. It has a bunion, which I seem to recall my grandmother having, and a hammer toe. I hate not only how it looks, but the impossibility of finding shoes that fit.

So, I have turned into one of those people at whom I used to laugh, wearing socks with my sandals. Thanks goodness I live in warm climates all year-round so I can get away with sandals in any season. Otherwise, I really would be cause for chuckles..and quite likely pneumonia.

My socks, at least, I tell anyone who risks a comment, are fashionably color-coordinated with my outfit. In fact a clerk at Walmart one day was actually awed and amazed by my orange socks (cantaloupe?) which perfectly matched my capris. I am clearly a fashionista for the over 65 set, or at least those of us who were too stupid in our youth to watch what we put on our feet.

Over the past few weeks I've been on a mission to find new shoes for summer. This is not a joy. So far I have ordered from a total of four different companies, found things I could wear at three of them and reordered the best in other colors. Only one pair has been shipped back. My house now looks a little like a shoe store after a particularly insane sale. And I wander around in one pair for an hour, then change to a different pair, all in an attempt to either break them in or decide if they're even tolerable.

Because I actually have an aversion to returning the bad choices, I normally have a stash of unworn shoes lingering all over the place as well. I think it may have something to do with admitting I made a mistake. This is a very costly route to follow, so I'm working on racing back to the post office with the misfits.

Of course, the permanent solution to this would be to take my poor foot off to a podiatrist and get it fixed. It seems likely I'll have to do that eventually since my entreaties to overnight guests to come in and bash that hammer toe with, well, a hammer in the middle of the night seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

So, a word of advice to any of you with perfect feet. Don't take them for granted. Treat them kindly. Otherwise, you'll be forced to contact me for the best places to buy sandals and socks.


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