Friday, August 28, 2009

A virtually fit Mii

It has taken me a lot of years, but I have finally found a way to fitness that I enjoy. Over the years I've tried many things, some of which have been reported on this blog. Remember the workout sessions last winter with the trainer? Many years earlier, I jogged, though that was a pretty loose description of my lumbering through the streets of Miami Beach. Then came actually joyful years playing tennis. Then came what is best described as the great decline.

I could offer a lot of explanations for falling off the fitness wagon, but they'd just be excuses. The truth is that most things, except for tennis, bored me to tears, so I flat-out didn't do them. Since my knee issues have kept me off a tennis court, I've done nothing.

And now there is Wii!!!!!! Wii bowling! Wii Fit! And, oh joyful day, Wii tennis!!

My days now have a new structure. I'm up before dawn, at my computer to write through the morning, lunch at home or out with friends and by 2 p.m. I am getting fit. At least in virtual reality, if not in fact. I have mastered (well, almost) several yoga poses. I've done a few aerobic exercises. But my very favorite, despite my pitiful attempts to do them, are the balance exercises. I can't tell you how many downhill slaaloms I've done and every single time I stand at the top of the mountain I am convinced I will ski faster and more accurately than ever before. Sadly, I do not. Since the game takes only a minute, I do it again...and again...and again. When I set a new record, which I seldom do, my virtual Mii and I both dance around like lunatics. Hopefully my neighbors can't see in my window.

Having put in my 30 minutes or so on the Wii Fit, after dinner I get to my favorite part, the tennis. My backhand is wicked, as good as it ever was when I played in a league. My forehand is lousy, as it often was back then. And my play at the net? Well, let's just say that my Mii spends a lot of time running, falling and virtually cussing...just like the real life me. Still, this is fulfilling my long-neglected love of playing tennis. If I thought I could move fast enough on a court, I'd be back out there now...and maybe in a couple of months I will be. In the meantime, a half-hour of virtual victories is doing wonders for my endorphins.

As I play these various games, I think about the kids I know who are equally hooked. How much better to see them playing virtual sports than sitting at a computer or with a video game control in hand which provides a workout only for their fingers. Though Wii can be played alone, it also encourages competition, another social skill that was sadly lacking in some older games. For those things alone, it's worth the investment for family entertainment.

Now if only they'd create a virtual Mii who could write my books, life would be very good indeed!


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