Saturday, March 7, 2009

How'd you get to be so tall?

I have this problem with aging. Actually, I have quite a few problems with aging, but today I'll limit myself to the discussion of other people's kids who suddenly mature into adults when you're not looking.

Just this morning, I had breakfast with an old friend I hadn't seen since his dad's funeral several years ago. I was around when his son was born. By the time of the funeral, the son was definitely older, but I swear he was nowhere close to grown. Now I find that he's about to graduate from college in May and go into the marines. How'd that happen when I haven't aged a bit?

Several years ago, when my goddaughter hit 30, I was probably more traumatized than she was. In fact, I informed her that she and her husband were now considered to be my friends...and I had no idea who her parents were. This year her older sister hit 40. I'm still pretending that never happened...and that I can't possibly be a contemporary of her parents.

As my friends -- unlike me -- age, so do their children. Suddenly this child who's barely more than a toddler in my mind is an adult. Often he or she is married and expecting a child, who then starts to grow up too darn fast as well.

I can accept that this is the natural evolution of life, but it is extremely disconcerting to wake up one day after going merrily along imagining myself to be young, only to realize that I am not. It's like being in a soap opera where pre-schoolers are sent to bed and come back a year or two later as a teen. Only those TV parents don't seem to age any more than I do. Is that fair?

So here's my plan...those of us who are single need to ban together and rid ourselves of all these friends with children who have the audacity to grow up. I'll admit there's a bit of Peter Pan in this plan, but I write romance. I believe in the fantasy.

The only major hitch in my proposal is that I love kids. I just don't want to have to accept that the ones in my life are now the grandkids of my friends. If any of you have figured out a way to age without butting headlong into this reality, I'd surely love to hear from you.

Sherryl, who's desperately clinging to her youth one fine line and wrinkle at a time


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