Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blessings...large and small

It's the time of the year when all of us pay a bit more attention than usual to the blessings in our lives. We're thankful for family and friends, for good health, hopefully for the jobs we have or the prospects for work on the horizon. Many families even enjoy a tradition of going around the table on Thanksgiving and having each person mention that for which they're most grateful.

While this special occasion encourages us to stop and think about every way in which we're blessed, I'd like to encourage all of you to spend more time throughout the year thinking about the small blessings that come along, the moments that bring you joy. It's lives filled with a thousand small moments, it seems to me, that are the most fulfilling. Unfortunately in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we forget to take note of those little things. The first person to advise us to stop and smell the roses knew exactly what he or she was talking about.

Although I can't swear I do this every day or that I've done it all my life, I try really hard to seize the brief moments during the course of the day which make me happy. Trust me, these are not always monumental.

Today, for instance, as I was picking up groceries I finally -- after multiple excursions -- found the Mrs. Smiths pumpkin pie that has been our family tradition as far back as I can remember. Just yesterday, when I'd failed yet again, I was thinking that Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same without my favorite pumpkin pie. Today, I practically danced out of the store. Discovering it tucked into a freezer section in the middle of nowhere, not even remotely close to other pies, was pure happenstance, a blessing, if you will.

I also happen to have a thing for both sunrises and sunsets. Often in Virginia, as I drive along the waterfront at dawn, the sky and river will streak with brilliant shades of gold and orange. I've been known to stop and applaud, mumuring, "Yea, God!" This could be why people look at me oddly from time to time, as they do when I pause to lecture the ducks meandering across the road, but that's another story. Aren't all authors known for being charmingly eccentric?

I consider it a blessing when the perfect parking spot opens up in a crowded lot, when I find the ideal gift for someone on the very first try, when my goddaughter's youngest son sends me a drawing of the two of us playing Go Fish on our vacation last summer in the Outer Banks.

These are not the monumental blessings on which we tend to focus on Thanksgiving, but they are the kind that make our days happier, our lives richer. We need to pay attention to them, embrace them, even if only for a second of acknowledgement

So, this Thanksgiving I wish you an abundance of blessings, large and small and, yes, a perfectly roasted turkey counts!

Sherryl Woods


Blogger Kathleen O said...

My blessing is for all of those I love is to have good health.. And to those I know who are fighting the battles is they not all win them, but win the war that is raveging them.. Without our health the rest is just window dressing..

November 22, 2009 9:50 AM  

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