Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby Pressure

So, when are you going to have a baby?

My husband and I have been married for almost a year and a half and we are enjoying our “alone” time together. Lately, though, there’s been some “baby pressure” heading our way. Example? We just moved into our first home, and I decided to host an open house with friends and family so my husband and I could show off our new digs. Well, as I was giving tours of our home, my mother was following behind, and as I was showing off the last bedroom, she piped in with, “This is going to be the first baby’s room!” Talk about embarrassing! Especially since I had been thinking this room would be the perfect digs for something with four legs -- instead of two -- and furry all over.

Then there’s my stepmother, who’s exerting the opposite kind of pressure when it comes to us having babies. She appears to dread the day she’ll become a grandmother—she’s into staying as young as possible as long as she can. She even told my husband to look at her as a sister instead of a mother-in-law!

Then there’s my dad (her husband), who’s adorable with children. They flock to him like he’s a giant teddy bear! He’ll be an amazing grandpa—yikes, more pressure!

To top things off (or should I say “round” them out a bit, ha ha), my friends are starting families, and they keep telling me they want their children to have little friends to grow up with! Our friends used to ask my husband and me, “How’s married life?” Now it’s “When are you two having kids?”

For now, it’s all about excuses. Our first excuse was that we want a dog before we have a baby. So now our friends keep asking, “When are you getting that dog?” Our new home didn’t come with a fenced backyard, so excuse number two is, “When we build a fence.”

We’re running out of excuses! Anyone out there have a better way to deal with the pressure to procreate?

Signed: “Not Ready Yet” in Dallas, TX
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